The First Look

Dress & Veil: Fantasy Bridal
Mitch's Suit: Macy's
Photos: Cecilia Harvard Photography

These photos, you guys!! Cecilia is seriously phenomenal! Gah! All the heart eyes! Getting ready for the first look moment was so much work, mostly because Mitch and I are probably the most nit-picky, detail oriented, mildly vain humans hahaha. Not even kidding when I say that we debated for WEEKS on what tie to get him. Feel free to roll your eyes now, haha. 

For me, finding my dress took some effort too. I initially wanted a fitted as can be, lace dress but after my first appointment at a bridal shop I realized that an a-line was MA JAM. Three or four shops later, though, and I still hadn't found "the dress". Well, I had found a dress that I loved at a shop but it was about $2,800. YIKES. Feeling kind of defeated I went to Fantasy Bridal and my consultant suggested I try separates and essentially, "build my own dress". I looked through their selection of bottoms and absolutely fell in love with this dreamy champagne English tulle skirt. I looked through the tops with my sister and together we found a lace high-back top that was both unique and would bring in the lace that I always wanted. I tried both on together and BOOM. The stars aligned. This was MY dress. Four months later it was all put together and I had my DREAM custom dress that I couldn't wait to show Mitch. 

Taking that walk up to him was so exciting! I hadn't seen him in his suit up to that point either so I was just as excited to see him as I was for him to see me! The moment when he turned around and saw me in my dress, as his bride, for the very first time was priceless! He was fully expecting a fitted dress so seeing me in my poofy a-line was a big surprise. Honestly, I thought he looked pretty dang good too, haha! These photos were so much fun. Twirling around in a golden field in our wedding gear, full of anticipation for our actual wedding day was just the best! I also really love the shot of us exchanging rings! Nothing can compare to the moment at the end of our temple ceremony when we exchanged rings for real, though. So special! Also, it would be amiss for me to end this post without giving an ENORMOUS shout out to my amazing big sister, Allison, who lovingly did my makeup for this day, accompanied me to the shoot to help me with my dress, and filmed the whole first look! There aren't words in existence to express how much I love her! 

Much love!


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