Hi There, It's Me Again

So it's been a thousand years, I know. There are cobwebs on the corners of my blog from how little I've written this year but I think sometimes an absence from writing can be a sign that you're too busy living in the moment. Now, that isn't always necessarily true but on the occasion it is.

There are some major changes I've been wanting to make in what I use this space for. For a while now I've been really analyzing the 'why' behind why I run this blog. When I first started it was all about the clothes and trying to monetize this but to be honest, while I still maintain my respect for my friends and women in general who blog for a living, I've realized that, that just isn't me. I don't want to come to this space to try to sell to you or worry about SEO rankings, and perfect content etc. I'm a writer at heart and what I truly would rather do is to just write about life and my thoughts. An online journal of sorts...that's public, haha. Not very traditional but lately I've been suckish at journaling (mostly due to laziness) so I figure this might be an easier way for me to keep track of the on-goings of life for my progeny and any of you who are still out there and interested. Let's be real, that's probably just my close friends and fam (or maybe even the occasional stalker-ex, heehee).

Anyway, this post, I'm sharing the first portion of our wedding photos because this whole year this blog has been consumed by my engagement and then marriage, haha, so why not end on the same note?

If I had to recap the day in one phrase I would say it was perfection but what kind of description is that for generations to come? Not a very good one, ha. So here's the real stuff. I woke up that day super crazy early in the morning with that butterfly sensation of excitement you get when you're a kid and you're waking up on the first day of school. It was crazy how normal I felt despite feeling so excited. It was almost like my brain couldn't process what was going to happen that day.

Anyway, my awesome older sister, who is one of the best humans on planet earth, did my makeup for me, I did my hair, and put on my white top and skirt that I would head to the temple in. Mitch and I decided to go through the temple in the afternoon (3:00) so I had plenty of time to get ready, eat lunch, and hangout with my family for the last time as a 'single-lady'. It was the sweetest thing and I am so glad we choose an afternoon sealing. Mitch and I also decided we would meet at the temple which in hindsight I would have probably not done this. Anyway, my sweet dad drove me to the temple and we quietly chatted and shared a special moment together before we arrived at the temple. Now here comes probably the scariest part of the whole day.

My dad and I got to the temple and I was fully expecting to see Mitch there. But he wasn't. Gah! We had been waiting for 15 minutes when one of the temple workers asked me if I was sure he was coming. Man, oh, man did that crush my little bride heart. The thought hadn't even crossed my mind until that point but since Mitch wasn't answering his phone it started to seem like it might be a possibility. I never thought I would get stood up, least of all on my wedding day! Instead of feeling sad, though, I just started to get mad as heck, haha. In my heart of hearts I knew Mitch had a reason to not have been there on time, let alone 15 minutes early like I knew he would have normally done but after 20 minutes of waiting for my groom I was no longer thinking rationally. Well, right as I'm about to give in to despair Mitch comes power-walking through the door apologizing profusely. I have never felt more relief and anger at the same time in my entire life, haha. All I could think was, "how dare you be late to our sealing Mitchel Nelson, and how in the world am I going to feel the spirit now that I'm so furious"?  Turns out the reason he was late was because he forgot to pack his shoes for our honeymoon and had to turn back, what a sweetie, how could I not forgive him and let go of my anger? To be honest, though, we could've gotten his shoes after the reception but poor guy was probably just as nervous as I was and not thinking clearly.

Anyway, I can't write about what happened in the temple but suffice it to say that it was beautiful and one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. I can't testify enough about the beauty of being sealed for time and all eternity to your sweetheart and feeling more fully of the joy that comes from being a part of and starting eternal families.

I'd be remiss to end this post without saying how amazing my family and best friends are and how much happiness it gives me to look at these photos and see the happiness in the wonderful relationships in my life.


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