The Last of Them

And here's the last of the wedding photos! :) I realize there's a LOT and I maybe shouldn't have shared all of them but our day was so fun and the reception was just the funnest party I've ever been to! The food was delish, and the dancing was so, so great! I'd be remiss not to thank my parents and all they did to get this wedding together for us! Without their help we probably would've had our reception in a parking lot, like I had a nightmare about once, haha. I love looking back at these reception photos because they remind me of how much fun we had! Honestly, I think I was smiling from ear to ear the whole night! Also, dancing with Mitch is my fav! He goes full force on the dance floor every time and I adore it! One of my favorite things from our wedding is our guest-sign in. Instead of doing the traditional book, I got us a 2017 calendar for our guests to leave us notes on, on each of the months of the year and I was so excited to put it up this month so we could see the notes that were left on January! I know there's so much that could be said about all the little details of our reception but sometimes pictures speak louder than words, so enjoy!

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