The Pancakes Were Good

It's 9:27am and I'm sitting at our small kitchen table, as Mitch makes us 'protein pancakes' from scratch for breakfast. I tried to give him advice but he shushed me and said he knew what he was doing, haha. We'll see how good they turn out. ;) As soon as the pancakes are cooking, though, I'm on sunny-side-up egg duty so we'll see how much I can write before then.

I'm trying to keep this blog as honest and just true to what I'm thinking as possible so we'll see what comes out and how I do. I think lately, I've been thinking a lot about the 'what-ifs' of life. When I was single, I remember I used to spend a lot of time preoccupied with the 'what-if' of marriage and I almost found myself thinking that when that 'what-if' was solved, all other life problems would magically dissipate. There would be no other what-ifs, no problems, care-free happy living. In some ways that's sort of true but in a lot of ways also, not. 

It's true because if you really allow yourself to soak in the felicity of having found your life companion you truly are on another plane of happiness, one that you would have never even thought existed. It's also not true because life isn't all of a sudden easy and problems don't just cease to exist. There's still a myriad of what-ifs. When will we have kids? How many will we have? Where will we live? What jobs will we have? Will we have job security? Will we ever pay off debt? Someday will we have the cash-flow to just pick up and do something crazy and adventurous? And those are just the simple-ones, assuming that we'll always have perfect health, cars will never break down, and tears never shed. The only thing that changes with marriage is that you know who you'll be experiencing these what-ifs with.

It is now a whole two days later, haha, and I'm picking this post back up. Typical me. At least I'm writing, though. Anyway, I'll wrap this post up by getting to my point, which is that life is always a mystery but it can be a happy mystery. On that note, I want to make a list of things I want more of and less of in 2017.


-smiles & laughter
-time with friends and family
-road trips
-peaceful moments


-scrolling through social media

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