Getting To Know You -Thoughts on Motherhood

As of this Thursday Noah and I will be five months in. Five months into me being his mama, and five months into him being my son. I remember when he was first born it felt so odd to refer to him as my son. Just saying "my son" felt so foreign and strange.

I've been thinking a lot lately about the fact that I really don't know Noah and he really doesn't know me. Well, at five months into our relationship we do know a little bit about each other -mostly how much we love each other- but really our relationship is just like any other relationship out there were you start off with pretty much zero knowledge about one another. Does he know that I love music and concerts, or that I love classic literature and can only claim Jane Austen as the most current author whose works I've read? Probably not. But I guess there is one giant difference between the beginnings of a mother-child relationship and a common relationship: it starts off with fierce love.

I often look at Noah and wonder what kind of person he will be. What his likes and dislikes will be, what will interest him. Whether or not he'll be a music fanatic like me or sports fan like his dad. Or maybe he'll shock us all and end up being a hip-hop dancer (I would secretly love this) or something.

So far I would say that I've learned that Noah is a very particular and demanding kind of guy. He is kind of the exact opposite of 'go with the flow' haha. He has very exact ideas of what he wants to do, where he wants to be, and what position he would like to be in and he makes what his dad likes to call 'gremlin' noises until his desires are met. He is also the sweetest little guy, though, and thankfully quite the opposite of me as a baby when it comes to affection. He adores kisses, loves to be held nice and tight by his mama and just about anybody honestly. He hasn't experienced too much caution when it comes to strangers because he is a HUGE lover of attention and will take it wherever and whomever it comes from. He also, loves, loves, LOVES adventuring and going outside. If he's cooped up inside the house for too long he starts going stir crazy and getting fussy.

I really am just super excited to keep getting to know this little soul. This little soul that God trusted me enough to care for.

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