-How old are you?

What an impolite question. Don't you know never to ask a girl her age? ;) Just kidding, I don't really care. As of March 2015 I am 23. -whether I ever update that number in the years to come is up for debate ;)

-Do you wear hair extensions?

For the majority of my posts, yes. I'm also wearing them in the photo above. I use the i-do clip in hair extensions by Laced Hair in #1b soft black. They are for cereal the best hair extensions I have ever used! For a full FAQ and review post on them click here.

-What does the title of your blog mean? 

Whelp, the word coy means timid or demure which is 100% me. I'm timid to a fault...and I don't know if I'm even the least bit clever but one can hope, right? ;) 

-Do you ONLY shop at F21 and h&m?

Mmmm, no. But mostly. I happen to be a perpetually broke college student so cheap old F21 and good old h&m that ALWAYS has a sale going on happen to suit me perfectly. Also, online shopping is ma JAM. It is amazing. I occasionally, sometimes, almost always get sucked into spending hours browsing shops online. I may or may not be addicted. Just talking about this has got me wanting to online browse and buy everything in sight. Join me in shopaholics anonymous? I'll be the Rebbeca Bloomwood to your fellow shopaholic self. Which, we all know really just means that I'll talk so adoringly about clothing that I'll cause all of you, me included, to fall into a relapse. ;)

-How tall are you?

I think the more appropriate question here would be rather, "how SHORT are you". I'm a mere 5'3. *UPDATE: I have now shrunk down to 5'2 apparently*

-Where do you live?

I live in a quaint little city in Utah. 

*If you have any more questions you'd like me to add, email me at allexis3192@gmail.com!*

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