If you've read any of my posts and/or my other tabs then you've probably already established that I'm a lil weirdo. ;) Well, as a lil weirdo it's only natural that I say weird things. I've said so many odd things and invented so many of my very own odd catch phrases that my family has labeled these odd little sayings, "The Allexis-isms".  Anyway, I decided that it'd be helpful for you wee little followers to make a list of my "isms" so that you can understand my lingo when reading my blog.

What the Kuwa?- This means "what the heck". It stemmed from this Sean Kingston song in which he actually says, "whats goin' on", but I always heard, "what the kuwa".

Ja Feel?- This comes from the movie 21 Jump Street and it means ya feel, now watch this clip. Ja feel?

Dangus Kong!- This basically means dang it, only its more fun to say and it makes me think of Donkey Kong and/or a phrase a super hero in a video game would say to power up.

What the Swa Swa?- This also just means "what the heck". It derives from a time when my little brother's favorite thing to do was show us what sound a helicopter made by repeatedly saying, "swa, swa, swa, swa". It's not as cute as it sounds. He was fifteen. It got so annoying I decided to make it into various catch phrases. For example...

That's Swasing Awesome!- Kind of like saying that's effing awesome. Except nice. And weird. Don't forget weird.

Filarious- This one was born from a night of fun with one of my best friends and instead of saying hilarious to me she said filarious. Thus another ism was born.

A True True- I actually stole this one from the movie, Cloud Atlas. It just means a statement is true. Like the fact that the sky is blue is a true true.

Shuck or Shuck Face- this derives from some slang used in a lovely little book called The Maze Runner. Shuck kind of just means crap or hell. I never really understood what shuck face is supposed to mean though. It sure is fun to say, though.

Dis Boom Ba- I like to say this after someone has said an epic dis. Ya know, like if someone said Miley Cyrus' butt resembled a raw chicken's butt during that MTV performance I would say, "ooo dis boom ba". Or sometimes I just say this randomly whenever the moment strikes simply because it's fun. 

What the Piz? or What the Piznarski?- This phrase came from the name of one of the characters on Veronica Mars. I'm team Logan, so I was never a fan of Piznarski, and his name just seemed to fit as a perfect alternative to saying "what the shiz". 

For cereal- I think one of my sister's actually invented this one, but it just basically means, "for serious" or "seriously".

Now let's move onto some of the weird sentences of pure wisdom I've been known to say.
  • I'd rather have a dead husband than a douche husband. I can't remember in reference to what I made this statement but it's very very true.
  • Google it on your YouTube. I meant to say google it on your phone and somehow this came out.
  • He's got a derp face but he's still a total babe. I don't know who I was talking about but I think it's safe to assume I was referring to my body crush Ryan Reynolds.
  • I'm always confused so I always go with my gut. This is a true true.
  • There were some honeys up in there. I think I might have been at a dance when I said this? 
  • (Me) Is cheese a dirty word? (My sister) No.... (Me) How about Cheddar? I was actually convinced cheese was a dirty word. I think I based this belief off of that phrase "cut the cheese" that means farting. I think I just somehow thought "cut the cheese" meant something dirty. 
  • Fireworks sound like giant farts to me. Listen to a firework. It sounds like a magnified fart. 

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